Why Do We Need Pest Control?

Plants (plants and trees) rapidly pollute about twenty percent of our food supply annually. Why us,Without effective pest control, much of our food could be destroyed annually by crop and tree pest infestation. Rodents (often referred to as mice and rats) eat and infest about twenty percent of our food supply each year. Without controlling rodents, they could destroy much of our fresh food and even our domestic plants. Many other pests (such as insects, mites, and ticks) are also common problems in the United States.

All About Pest Control

Why Do We Need Pest Control? Various insects, mites, and ticks are capable of causing serious problems for people and their pets. Common animals that come into contact with these pests include birds, cats, dogs, and horses. The two most important reasons that we need effective pest control are the destruction of valuable crop yields and the spread of dangerous infectious diseases.

How Is Pests Contagious? Unlike most insects, mosquitoes (the carrier of dengue fever and yellow fever) can be contagious! Dogs can also be infected with certain forms of mange, which is caused by a larvae or adult mosquito that feeds on the blood of humans and other animals. Although these insects and other pests are most often found within the domestic environment, other insects and animals travel through our streets, parks, and forests and bring with them infectious diseases and infectious pests that we must also control. In order to protect ourselves, our family, our economy, and our health from these devastating pests, it is vital that we use effective pest control products.

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