Vaporizers – The Aspire Mixx UK

The Aspire Mixx UK is a new range of compact mixers that has been developed by the popular cocktail and party drunker, Matt Baume for Planet Mu. It’s the perfect companion to the Aspire Vapor Ultimatum, providing users with an all around give-away – the promise of providing the best of both worlds. With the Aspire Mixx, the mixer part is taken care of, and it comes complete with the vaporizer attachment, which makes it that much easier to produce that perfect cup of vapor. In fact, with this one box, you could easily produce the same vapor pressure that you would get from other compact mixers costing much more.

Find Out How I Cured My Vaporizers – The Aspire Mixx Uk

The Aspire Mixx UK has been designed for those people that prefer to use their own accessories, but still want a compact unit that can produce professional results. For example, the Vapor Ultimatum attachment costs almost twice as much as the original version, yet it offers the same vapor pressure and efficiency. The Aspire Mixx UK comes complete with the vaporizer attachment, so users are left free to select their favourite vapors or combine two attachments if they wish. The Aspire Mixx UK also has a few extra benefits over its predecessors, with the inclusion of a glass water chamber that helps to maximise the production of steam, and a built-in battery that promises quick recharging times, which means that users can enjoy their vaporizer for longer without having to worry about recharging.

One of the biggest differences between the original vaporizers and the Aspire Mixx UK is that this version does not have a mouthpiece. This means that you do not have to continuously insert your lips into the vaporizer to fill it. Instead, the mouthpiece fits comfortably into the bottom of the unit, and is easily removed with just a few presses. This allows for the user to breathe freely while the vapors are being compressed. While it may take a little longer to get used to, once your lips are used to the size of the appliance, you will find that it becomes second nature to use.

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