Types of Garden Edging Systems

Garden edging systems define the boundaries between flower beds, lawns, vegetable gardens and other areas in your garden. They can also be used to contain plants and create focal points.

Why install garden edging?

The type of edging you use depends on the style of your garden and your budget, but most are easy to install and look fantastic. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Stone – Stacked stone, river stones and boulders make for excellent garden edging options. They can give a rustic and natural appearance that suits most landscape styles. Formboss’s rings are very reasonably priced.

Brick – A popular and cost-effective option, brick edging is available in all shapes and sizes. These can be stacked and laid to create different designs.

Slate – This material is extremely versatile and can be used to create a number of different styles of edging for your garden. Its dark colour adds depth and contrast to areas of the garden that are bare, or it can be used to create borders for a more contemporary look.

Metal – Choose from a range of metals to make your edging stand out from the rest of the garden. Steel can give a clean, precise appearance, while rusty copper will highlight rustic elements in your garden.

Old vases and glass chunks are also great for garden edging. Line beds and raised flowerbeds with broken vases for an interesting effect.

Dishes – Another fun idea for edging garden beds is to use mismatched plates. Simply dig a trench and bury the dishes.

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