The Daycare Centre Spring Farm in Auckland New Zealand

childcare centre spring farm

“The Early Learning Hub” is a new family run and family operated chidcare centre Spring Farm in Auckland New Zealand. Catering mainly for children up to six years of age, this centre has been running since June 2021. It offers a warm, welcoming and professional environment for young children while parents can relax with a cup of tea or a good book. The centre prides itself on being New Zealand’s first early childhood education and childcare centre. Day care centres in general are sometimes a little over the top with the children but this one caters for children that are a little under a few years old as well.

The Daycare Centre Spring Farm in Auckland New Zealand

The center has a four-storey building that is two stories tall and has a full service dining room, playroom, quiet corner and a playground. The centre offers a wide variety of services. The four-storey building has a large central play area with a central seating area, a quiet corner which are used as a reading corner, and a spacious breakfast bar area. The quiet corner is ideal for parents to read their children a story, do some work, talk or just sit and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the daycare centre. There are three meeting rooms which have comfortable sofas or chairs along with a boardroom table and a microwave. There are also a couple of guestrooms, which are clean and fully equipped.


The childcare staff is friendly and eager to serve children with different levels of maturity. Parents can set up their appointments with the centre the night before and even have a relaxing massage at the end of their day at the centre. The centre has a child minder that is always on hand for emergency situations. Children are kept safe in a secure environment and parents are kept informed of their child’s progress throughout the day. The centre has an excellent track record and is recommended by everybody that has visited it.

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