Schools Use Vape Dector to Stop Students Vaping

vape dector

A vape dector is a device that detects the smell and chemicals from e-cigarettes. Schools have been using the device to detect vaping in bathrooms and on school grounds. It sends an alert to a teacher if the device is activated and explains where it was detected. It also records the date and time that the device was set off.

Schools have been struggling to tackle the growing problem of students vaping on their campuses. The smoke from vaping pens contains nicotine, which is known to cause hallucinations, nausea, vomiting, heart racing and panic attacks in young people. The devices are also thought to have a negative impact on learning, with teachers reporting pupils who vape interrupt lessons and can’t concentrate during lessons.

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One school district in Montgomery County, Maryland has been experimenting with vape detectors in high schools to curb student smoking. The system monitors the air for changes in particulates that can be caused by smoke, vape or even broken light beams. The detectors have a low false-alarm rate and can be installed in areas that cameras can’t be placed, including bathrooms.

Some schools have gone so far as to remove bathroom stall doors to deter students from vaping inside the stalls. Others have used a more education-focused approach, with administrators telling students that vaping is dangerous and requiring them to take substance abuse classes when caught vaping on school grounds. Educators have said that it is better to educate students than to just punish them.

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