Invent Help Review

Invent Help is a company that helps you bring your invention to the market. The company provides services that include invention consulting, patent searches, and more. The company has offices across the US and Canada. The company has handled thousands of requests for help in the past year.

How do I protect my idea without a patent?

Real reviews from InventHelp inventors  does not provide patent attorney services. However, they will refer you to patent attorneys that can help you file for a patent. This is a necessary part of the invention process. This will protect your idea from being stolen or misappropriated. Invent Help can also help you find a manufacturing company for your idea.

Before you begin the invention process, you need to learn about the legalities. The company can provide you with a patent search, and they can also help you determine whether or not your idea is original. They can also help you with legal elements, such as drafting a patent application.

Invent Help can also provide you with a virtual invention presentation. This includes a video, as well as 3D renderings of your invention. This helps you show the idea to potential investors, and it allows you to have a tangible, real-life version of your idea.

Invent Help can also create a prototype model for your idea. These prototypes can be of different sizes, features, and details. The prototype will not be functional, but it will be a representation of the final product. This helps you show your idea to potential investors, as well as how your invention will benefit your business.

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