IDX Marketplace

The IDX Real Estate portfolio company provides online services that combine powerful search engine marketing with search engine optimization. It works closely with brokerage companies, which are the best places to advertise properties. If you are selling a property and do not have enough time to search for the prospective buyers yourself, you can outsource this task to the IDX Real Estate team. They will submit articles related to your property and market it well on the Internet so that you will be able to find buyers interested in your property.

Instant Listings and Feedback For Property Owners

IDX Real Estate Webpresence is the first real estate listing home search available with the IDX plugins. These are sold as a single package, which means you only have to pay for the installation of the plug-in. This will allow you to instantly start the IDX Marketplace on any web browser, whether Internet Explorer or Firefox, and start publishing listings immediately. You can also use the same IDX Marketplace plugin on any of the other major browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. Once the marketplace plugin is installed, you will have instant access to thousands of properties across dozens of countries, as well as an integrated MLS-like service for tracking multiple listings.

Showcase IDX MLS plugin gives the users of the IDX Real Estate websites access to a unique dashboard from where they can view all listings, search for a specific property and leave feedback. You can also leave reviews on the home, which will help other real estate agents find your website. IDX Marketplace also comes with the feature that allows the user to compare homes using different criteria such as price, floor plan, age and location. This makes the search even more diverse, making it easy for the property owners to show off their home, while attracting more prospective buyers. It is one of the best plugins for all the major IDX products.

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