How to Put Out a Joint

how to put out a joint

The best way to how to put out a joint  is by using the right cannabis accessories, like an ashtray. Not only will this help keep your bud safe, but it will also preserve the herb’s flavor and potency.

When you smoke a joint or blunt, there’s a small portion of weed burning on the tip of the device called a “cherry.” It’s important to remove this cherry from the end of your smoking session so you can save it for later use. There are a few different ways to do this without ruining your marijuana.

Extinguishing a Joint: How to Safely and Effectively Put Out Your Cannabis

Suffocate it – This is a common method of extinguishing a joint or blunt, especially for new users. It suffocates the weed, cutting off the airflow that allows the cherry to burn out. This technique is most effective with a glass doob tube, but you can use sand or any other material to suffocate the joint and remove the burning cherry.

Flick it – This is another common way to put out a joint, and it’s also a great method for beginners. This method requires a pair of scissors or a sharp knife and snips the burning cherry from the joint’s tip.

Cut it out – This is the easiest way to put out a joint, and also one of the best ways for beginners. This method is especially helpful if you’re smoking pre-rolls, as it enables you to cut the cherry off and then safely store the rest of your J for later.

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