How to Make THCA Diamonds

How to make thc diamonds? Crystalline thc, also known as crystalline THCA, is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates on the market. This highly concentrated form of thc consists 99% of THC and only one percent of terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Unlike other cannabis concentrates, THCA diamonds don’t need to be heated in order to convert into THC; simply vaporize or dab them for a fast-acting, powerful high! When smoked, a dab of THCA diamonds carries more THC than a blunt full of flowers.

How to Make THCA Diamonds

The process for making THCA diamonds is quite simple; essentially, the same solventless separation techniques used to make cannabis rosin are applied. The difference is that the extraction specialist (please don’t try this at home) adds pressure to the oil through a chromatography machine and slowly purges the remaining extract over a period of days or weeks until a crystalline THCA structure has formed.

How to Make THCA Crystalline with Live Resin

As with any solventless separation, the most important step is to begin with an uncured and live resin product. This ensures that there are no other acid-containing compounds in the mix, which can prevent the THCA molecules from bonding with the now acid-less THC.

Next, the extract specialist closes the vessel and very slowly increases the temperature to 25-35°C over the course of 5-30 days, encouraging more nucleation due to increased temperature and pressure. Once the desired diamond size is achieved, pour off the remaining layer that’s comprised primarily of terpenes into another secondary crystallization vessel.

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