How to Get Water Out of Watches

Watches are complex and intricate pieces of machinery that contain many individual parts. Moisture in the form of droplets or condensation can cause severe damage if not addressed quickly. This article will show you How to Get Water Out of Watches before the problem worsens.

Who owns most watches?

The first step is to remove the watch from its strap or bracelet and set it on a soft lint-free cloth so that any remaining moisture can evaporate. This will usually take a few hours depending on the humidity in your area and the level of moisture inside your watch. Check this out :

Another option is to use silica gel packets as a desiccant. Silica gel is highly regarded for its ability to absorb and dry up moisture. You can often find these little packages in boxes of shoes, electronics and other items. It is also available online and on eBay.

If you don’t have any silica gel packets, uncooked rice can be a good substitute. Place your watch in a plastic bag along with some rice and let it sit for about a day or until any remaining moisture is gone.

You can also try exposing your watch to sunlight to dry it out. As the air temperature outside drops, your watch will experience a similar cooling effect internally and moisture will start to evaporate off of it. Make sure you are careful, however, as leaving your watch exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time can actually damage it.

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