How To Find Peace With God


Chapter 1 – There Is Something Wrong With Us

Chapter 2 – Why We Cannot Save Ourselves

Chapter 3 – What God Has Done

Chapter 4 – What We Must Do

Chapter 5 – Why Is Jesus Christ The Only Way?

Chapter 6 – Committing To The Lord

Chapter 7 – Can We Be Sure?

Chapter 8 – Can We Lose Our Salvation?


2 responses

  1. I have struggled for a long time with most if not all questions about salvation, I’ve always believed in the existence of God and I believed in Jesus as his son and the Holy Spirit. (in short I grew up in a Christian family) when I became older I strayed and now I’ve returned and I officially gave my life to Christ so now I believe he is my savior, my God and Lord. However, questions would pop up and from those questions doubts would arise. I thank you for being obedient and willingly obeying God’s will to speak the truth about him and his word. I also thank you for writing in a simple way with simple words and even explaining the big words simply. It makes a huge difference lol thank you very much. May God bless you and your family and your children after you.


  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story!

    Your comments really touched me. I originally began writing these posts with an emphasis toward the unsaved. But over time my focus seems to have gravitated toward the edification of the saints, or writing to share observations which would help and build up fellow-believers. I really haven’t been contacted by anyone who has said that these studies have helped them come to Christ, but I have had several say that they now have a better understanding of God’s Word and a closer walk with the Lord Jesus. It is such a joy to read comments such as yours and I really could not ask for any greater blessing than feedback such as this.

    Thanks again for allowing me to rejoice with you in the praise of our God for what He has done in your life! May He continue to richly bless you in the study of His Word.



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