How to Choose Your First Pair of Lifting Straps

Lifting straps are a handy training tool that many gym-goers and bodybuilders use in their workouts. They help you grip a barbell or dumbbell easier and can help you lift heavier than you would without them, too. But they can be a performance crutch when you’re too reliant on them.

What do straps do for lifting?

When buying your first pair of lifting straps, you need to know what they’re going to be used for. For example, if you’re looking for straps to support weightlifting, you’ll want to look for closed-loop style straps. Alternatively, if you’re a strongman athlete who wants to lift heavy, you might want to consider figure 8 style straps.


A durable set of lifting straps is something that can withstand repeated use and a lot of wear and tear. The material they’re made from, how they’re stitched together, and whether they’re reinforced or cross-stitched all play a part in their durability. More info :


You’re going to be using your straps a lot, so you want to find a pair that feels comfortable. They need to be soft on the wrist and prevent digging into the skin or bruising. They also need to be secure around the wrist so that you don’t have any difficulty holding a heavy barbell or dumbbell.

These Gymreapers lifting straps are one of the most comfortable pairs on our list, and they’re designed to be extra secure as well. They’re made of cotton and have neoprene padding, so you can feel comfy wearing them during your next lifting session. They’re also durable, able to handle up to 350 kg of pressure.

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