How Account Takeover Protection Prevents Account Takeover Attacks

Account takeover protection prevents attackers from hijacking your users’ accounts and repurposing their credentials in new attack campaigns. Using machine learning and data science, Account Takeover Protection monitors user behavior to identify anomalies that indicate fraud. These signals may include login frequency, location, device attributes, and more to detect fraudulent activity that can be used for account takeover attacks.

ATO is a common form of identity theft that can result in unauthorized access to bank accounts, credit cards, shopping sites and government benefits. Once compromised, an attacker can use the stolen credentials to transfer funds, deplete gift cards, redeem airline miles, submit fraudulent credit applications and plant malware on your device or network.

The most effective ATO defense requires ongoing monitoring to detect signs of fraud. This enables companies to stop ATO before it wreaks havoc on their customers and business partners.

Protecting Your Online Accounts: A Guide to Account Takeover Prevention

Typically, the first step for cybercriminals to gain control of an individual’s account is to obtain stolen credentials. These can be derived from phishing, spear phishing or even data breaches.

After gaining the stolen credentials, hackers test them against online services, including travel, retail, financial and eCommerce sites, to verify their legitimacy. Eventually, they arrive at a list of verified credentials that they use to attack other user accounts on their target site.

ATO is a very serious threat to organizations, because it can lead to employee abuse and identity theft. If the compromised accounts are used for fraud, customers may hold the organization responsible and be more likely to abandon their relationship with that company.

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