Electricity From Solar PV Panels in Ireland

electric solar panels ireland

With its vast open electric solar panels ireland , abundant sunshine and low carbon footprint Ireland seems to have been designed as the perfect habitat for Renewable Energy. It is therefore no surprise that the Irish are becoming more and more interested in switching to solar electricity as a power source.

Solar PV panels create electricity when sunlight hits them and knocks electrons free from the atoms of silicon in the panel. These free electrons flow through conductors attached to the positive and negative sides of the cell to generate DC current. This is then passed to an inverter to be converted to AC current that can power standard household appliances. Solar thermal collectors work in a similar way but use heat from the sun to heat water. This is then stored in a hot water tank for your use.

Charging Up the Emerald Isle: Exploring Electric Solar Panels in Ireland

While the output of solar panels will be lower on dull days, they do still function and can produce a good proportion of a household’s energy needs. In fact, a simple system of six to eight panels on your roof will generate over 40% of your annual electricity demand.

A home with solar panels will also benefit from the Feed-in Tariff (CEG) which pays you for any electricity that your system produces and sends to the grid. It is estimated that the average household will save around EUR400 a year in electricity costs with the initial investment being recouped within seven to ten years.

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