CEO of LXMI Leila Janah

Recently, I read an interesting article on the website of Classical Industries, where the CEO of Lxmi founder the company. She stated at the beginning that she wanted to start a business that would help people realize their dreams. Additionally, she wanted to provide an opportunity for people who were “oppressed and discriminated” by the current system. One could not make a bigger statement in this regard than that fact that she is herself an oppressed woman. That is quite a statement considering that we are dealing with people who are oppressed and discriminated (in their present circumstances).

The Number One Reason You Should (Do) Ceo Of Lxmi, Leila Janah

Now then, I would like to talk about how this company does things differently than a traditional MLM company. The reason for this is because of her leadership. When I joined up with the company, there were so many distributors out there that did not have the skills, knowledge, or training needed to actually start a profitable home based business. This was something I had to learn on my own, and she taught me the correct way to go about doing it.

In closing, I do agree with C EQ Mark of having to be “oppressed and discriminated” to make money in this industry. And I also realize that being a minority does not give anyone the immunity from adversity that they may think. But, when you consider that this company provides training that allows you to be your own best friend, and you can reach your dream with very little risk, regardless of your background or occupation, then I think that it is definitely a plus. Furthermore, if you are one of those “oppressor” people, I apologize because you do not have to be. And if you are an oppressed woman in this country (or anywhere else), I encourage you to do whatever it takes to become a leader for your family and to stand up for what is right.

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