Bot Management Tools

bot management tools

Bot management tools  are designed to protect web applications from bot attacks. They analyze incoming traffic, detect and mitigate malicious bots at the edge of the network, and automatically identify good and bad bots. They also provide reporting and visualization tools to help businesses identify trends and patterns in their bot traffic.

A reliable bot management tool is capable of recognizing and differentiating between good and bad bots without interrupting or blocking genuine human traffic. It can identify the type of bot and determine whether it is trying to steal user credentials, spread spam content, or cause DDoS attacks, among other cyberattacks. Good bots can be added to a list of allowbots, while bad ones can be blocked from accessing web applications and online resources altogether.

Boost Your Website’s Security: A Guide to the Top Bot Management Tools

Some of the best bot management tools are highly automated and use a combination of behavioral analysis, IP reputation checks, DNS lookups, and other techniques to determine if non-human traffic is coming from a bot. They then block or redirect the bot to another page, while allowing legitimate users to continue browsing.

Radware Bot Manager is an automated bot detection solution for websites and mobile apps, providing granular visibility and insights related to malicious traffic. It’s specifically designed to protect e-commerce, financial services, travel, and media sites from click fraud and other forms of invalid traffic.

Stop click bots from destroying your Google Ads campaigns and wasting your marketing budget. CHEQ Paradome uses intelligent, highly-trained mitigation technology to analyze incoming traffic and identify click bots before they can damage your ROI.

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