A Classic Land Rover For Sale

Among the most iconic and popular vehicles on the market, classic land rover for sale is highly sought-after by car enthusiasts and collectors alike. Available in a wide range of styles and with many unique features, vintage land rover models are the perfect addition to any collection.

What does a Land Rover Defender cost?

Originally designed to provide a reliable, light and economical off-road vehicle for small farmers such as Maurice Wilks, the series 1 was an early pioneer of the Land Rover range. Initially a four-seater, the model was later developed into a seven-seater station wagon and was available in light green or bronze green.

With its 1.6-litre engine, the Series 1 was a well-built car that made it one of the most successful Land Rovers to date. It was available in a variety of colours, including Bronze Green, Mid-Grey, Limestone, Stornoway Grey and Marine Blue.

A few years after its debut, the Series 2 was produced with a 2.25-litre engine. It was a popular model in the 1970s, with a large wheelbase and a wide range of options, including hardtops, truck cabs, soft tops and station wagons.

The next generation of Land Rovers was launched in 1971 and came in a range of new colours. These included the iconic RAF Blue, which saw a rapid rise in sales and remains a desirable option today.

These vehicles are also available with a long wheelbase, which can be useful for people who need to transport a lot of gear or equipment. They also have a larger interior and can seat up to six passengers comfortably.

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