Compression Recovery Boots

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While running is one of the best workouts for boosting your endurance and strength, it can also be very hard on your legs. This is why many top athletes include regular recovery periods in their training schedules, and they use tools like compression boots to help them bounce back from long runs.

Compression recovery boots look sort of like a pair of hockey goalie boots, thick and puffy with a zipper and inflatable chambers that start at your feet. The theory behind them is that the intermittent pneumatic compression — the process of squeezing and deflating — that these boots use increases blood flow and pushes out lactic acid and other waste products, thus aiding in muscle soreness reduction.

The Science Behind Compression Recovery Boots: How They Accelerate Muscle Recovery

The boots are also useful for reducing the swelling in your feet and legs that is often caused by exercise. They’re not just helpful for runners and athletes but can be useful for anyone who suffers from poor circulation or varicose veins.

There are a number of different brands of recovery boots, and the models vary in how much coverage they offer (some have only the ankles covered and some go right up to the knee) and in how much pressure they apply. However, the market leader in this area is Hyperice, whose Normatec boots have been used by a host of professional and amateur athletes, including LeBron James, Simone Biles, and the defending champions at both the Olympic and World Championship marathons. The boots cost around $899 and can be synced to a device with the company’s HyperSync app for a synchronized, individualized recovery experience.